Electron Microscopes

(63 companies)
Electron microscopes use a focused beam of electrons instead of light to "image " the specimen and gain information as to its structure and composition.

Digital Cameras

(73 companies)
Digital Cameras are cameras that take still photographs, and sometimes have limited video capabilities, by recording images on an electronic image sensor.

Remediation Services

(813 companies)
Remediation services include oil or chemical spill clean up, restoration of contaminated sites, and hazardous waste management.

Masonry Services

(144 companies)
...preservation and restoration, and waterproofing. Masonry services can build fire pits, pool decks, outdoor living spaces, walkways, driveways, fireplaces, foundations, and other structures made of bricks, blocks, and stones. Interior designs include...

Focal Plane Arrays

(25 companies)
Focal plane arrays (FPA) are detectors consisting of a linear or two-dimensional matrix of individual detector elements, typically used at the focus of an imaging system.

CCD Cameras

(551 companies)
CCD (couple-charged device) cameras are a type of image capture device that utilize an image sensor to register visible light as a recordable electronic signal to visually archive captured stills and video. Of the three types of digital cameras (the others being CMOS and CID), CCD cameras are the most developed and commonly used.

Machine Vision Software

(46 companies)
Machine vision software is used to control and drive machine vision systems. Machine vision (MV) is the application of computer vision to industrial and manufacturing applications. Whereas computer vision is mainly focused on machine-based image...
...fine grading and landscape restoration, and underground servicing. Others prepare building sites for roadwork, parking lots, and storm water management facilities. Although earth moving and site development services may differ in terms of specific...

Optical Lenses

(446 companies)
Optical lenses are transparent components made from optical-quality materials and curved to converge or diverge transmitted rays from an object. These rays then form a real or virtual image of the object. This area includes micro lenses.

CMOS Cameras

(199 companies)
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras use image sensors that operate at lower voltages than charged coupled devices (CCDs), reducing power consumption for portable applications. Each CMOS active pixel sensor cell has its own buffer amplifier, and can be addressed and read individually.

Spherical Lenses

(213 companies)
Spherical lenses, also known as singlets, are transparent optical components consisting of one or more pieces of optical glass with surfaces so curved that they serve to converge or diverge the transmitted rays from an object, thus forming a real or virtual image of that object. This area includes micro spherical lenses as well.


(27 companies)
Dredges are machines or vessels equipped with scooping or suction devices that are used to remove material from under a body of water. They are commonly used to deepen harbors and waterways, waterfront and environmental restoration and in underwater mining applications.

Laser Printers

(389 companies)
Laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum that is rolled through a reservoir of toner. The beam is picked up by the charged portions of the drum to fuse the image onto paper.
...drawings; architectural rendering, photo visualization, 3D modeling and CAD services, and more. Document scanning services use image scanners. While there are many scanners than can perform basic document scanning, rotary or drum scanners are most...

Optical Comparators

(120 companies)
Optical comparators are instruments that project a magnified image or profile of a part onto a screen for comparison to a standard overlay profile or scale.

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