Ink Jet Printers

(494 companies)
Ink jet printers project electrically charged droplets of ink onto a page. Types of ink jet printers include thermal and piezo.
...or universal mills use high speed and centrifugal force. Image Credit: Retsch. Jet or fluid energy mills project a stream of feed particles against another jet or a chamber wall. Buhrstone or attrition mills rotate a grooved stone or metal plate against...
Concrete construction and foundation services specialize in the installation and formation of structural concrete components, including foundations, subgrade walls, accessways, floors, and footings, as well as building components such as blocks.

Cement Tiles

(18 companies)
Cement tiles, also known as cement encaustic tiles, are flat, thin tiles often shaped with beveled edges for lining or covering a surface.

Industrial Mixers

(1,089 companies)
Industrial mixers use a shaft, screw, blades, ribbons, impellers or propellers to mix industrial materials such as adhesives, chemicals, construction materials, minerals, coatings and paints.
Abrasive jet and waterjet cutting machines are used to cut sheet materials or remove materials from a surface by generating a focused stream of fluid mixed with abrasive particles.

Saw Blades

(730 companies)
...with a concrete saw to cut concrete, cement and similar materials. A tile saw blade fits a tile saw and is used to cut ceramic tiles, granite, and stone. Materials. Saw blades are made from many different materials. Steel saw blades are relatively...

Downdraft Tables

(65 companies)
...efficient filters to capture particles as small as .5 microns. Compressed-air, pulse-jet blasts may be used to ensure that filters maintain peak operational efficiency. There are two basic types of downdraft tables: wet and dry. Wet downdraft tables use...
...and joint compounds. Examples include: Acrylics. Animal glues and gums. Bituminous substances. Ceramic and inorganic cements. Elastomers. Epoxy resins. Natural and synthetic rubbers. Polyamides. Polyimides. Starches and starch pastes. Silicone...

Dust Collectors

(778 companies)
...the cartridge. Cartridge collectors are compatible with reverse-air or pulse-jet cleaning. While no long as widely employed, cartridge dust collectors are uniquely suited for certain applications involving special shaped and sized dusts (granular...

Stackers and Reclaimers

(65 companies)
...piles or circular stacks. Reclaimers are used to collect and redistribute the material from stacks or piles of bulk materials. Typically, stackers and reclaimers are used in metallurgy and mining; cement, chemical, and power production...
Abrasive tools and water jet tools use a pressurized jet of water to cut or shape a variety of materials.
Waterjet and abrasive jet cutting services use high-pressure media to cut materials.
...with a high pressure jet stream. Pollution reduction - Spraying is the active mechanism for gas collection in pollution control wet scrubbers. Firefighting - Firefighting retardant agents are delivered through sprays and spraying equipment. Spraying...

Conical Screw Mixers

(63 companies)
Conical screw mixers use a rotating screw that progresses around the periphery of a conical hopper. The screw lifts solids from the bottom of the hopper to the top, where the mixture flows by gravity back into the screw.

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