Mechanical Seals

(353 companies)
Mechanical seals including mechanical face seals, bellows, gas seals, and cartridge seals.

Gripper Products

(24 companies)
Gripper products are used in gripper fixtures to hold a component in place by providing resistance by friction or slight surface penetration. The face of the gripper may be serrated or flat and made of steel, carbide, or a plastic material.

Roof Supports (mining)

(16 companies)
Roof supports provide a means of temporary supporting overburden in longwall mining operations. Also referred to as powered roof supports or hydraulic chocks or shields, they are used in sets to stabilize and advance longwall systems across the face...
Trench shoring equipment includes trench shields and other shoring devices that are used to prevent a dug trench from caving-in on workers or equipment.

Longwall Shearers

(17 companies)
Longwall shearers mount over an armored face conveyor (AFC) to cut away the face of a coal seam in longwall mining operations.

Milling Cutters

(861 companies)
Milling cutters are rotating cutting tools that are used mainly in milling machines and machining centers. Common configurations include end mills, face mills, shell mills, and application-specific cutters and geometries.


(738 companies)
For intensive welding, such as arc welding, operators may wear an auto darkening welding helmet, which is a helmet complete with a face shield, a special fixed glass lens, and sensors which can quickly adjust the darkness of the lens according... An air-supplied respirator includes biohazard suits that provide the wearer with a portable air tank. A full face respirator covers the entire face and also protects the eyes and face from irritants or debris. A welding helmet with a respirator...
D-subminiature or D-sub connectors are sturdy electrical connectors with a mating face shaped like the letter D. They provide polarization because male and female connectors can fit together in only one way.

EMI and RFI Shielding

(779 companies)
...of shielding, available, the material types they exist in, and important design features. Forms of Shielding. The form is integral to a shielding's application, as it determines what system the product is designed to shield or protect. Shielding can...

Metal Ring Seals

(84 companies)
Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high operating temperatures, pressures, and vacuums. They can also withstand cryogenic conditions and high face-to-face cycling.

Plow Systems (mining)

(10 companies)
Plow systems for longwall mining operations extract segments of coal across the face of a seam with equipped cutting picks or blades.

Radiant Heaters

(248 companies)
Radiant heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface.

Infrared Heaters

(218 companies)
Infrared heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface.
Specialty fibers, fabrics and textiles are based upon a unique composition, weave, or technology, and are designed for specialized applications.