Laser Mounts

(19 companies)
Laser mounts are devices that keep a laser in position on an optical table.
Laser marking and laser engraving services use a computer-controlled laser beam to discolor the surface of a component, or engrave it by vaporizing the material.

Laser Mirrors

(76 companies)
Laser mirrors are designed for high reflectance and durability at individual laser wavelength ranges.
Laser cutting machines and laser welding machines use a high-powered laser to cut or perforate materials in plate or sheet form.
Thermal Platforms provide heating and cooling with more precise temperature control for environmental or climatic testing.

Laser Drivers

(49 companies)
Laser drivers control and manage the operation of lasers used for switching in optical networks.

Thermal Spray Coatings

(70 companies)
Thermal spray coatings are made of metal, ceramic, composite, and polymer materials that are engineered for deposition using arc wire, combustion wire, plasma, high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), vacuum plasma spraying (VPS), or other specialized spray processes.

Thermal Cyclers

(71 companies)
Thermal cyclers are laboratory instruments capable of generating and maintaining specific temperatures for a defined period of time.
Thermal compounds and thermal interface materials form a thermally conductive layer on a substrate, between components or within a finished product.
Laser micrometers measure extremely small distances using laser technology.

Laser Beam Analyzers

(39 companies)
Laser beam analyzers are used to determine the quality of a laser beam.
Laser engraving and laser marking machines use a high-powered laser to mark or scribe materials with text, images, patterns, and graduations.

Laser Pointers

(56 companies)
Laser pointers are compact instruments that produce a low-power, visible laser light. They are often used for pointing out features on a projected visual display.
Laser protective eyewear includes glasses and goggles designed to filter out harmful radiation from lasers.
Laser processing equipment uses high-powered lasers to cut, trim, perforate, weld, or join a variety of materials in plate or sheet form.

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