Manifolds and manifold systems are fluid-distribution devices. They range from simple supply chambers with several outlets to multi-chambered flow control units including integral valves and interfaces to electronic networks.

Gas Instruments

(951 companies)
Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment.

Industrial Gases

(338 companies)
RioGrande1944. Industrial gas suppliers typically provide the gas as well as the storage and processing equipment necessary to facilitate transportation and proper usage. Industrial gas equipment may include storage tanks and distribution systems... corrosion from the material it is designed to hold. Liquid salt tank. Image credit: Uship. Application environments and associated components (spray booths; blast booths). Enclosures are manufactured to establish a regulated environment in which...

Gas Generation Equipment

(351 companies)
Gas generation equipment provides an onsite supply of gas, vapor, or humidity (water vapor). It eliminates the need for delivery in gas cylinders, which can be bulky and may have special storage requirements.

Hose Fittings

(1,276 companies)
Hose fittings are a category of components used to connect hoses and tubes for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations.

Fuels and Fuel Products

(403 companies)
Fuels and fuel products include gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas, propane, coal, fossil fuels, biofuels and other combustible fluids or materials.

Boilers (industrial)

(618 companies)
Industrial boilers are closed vessels that use a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam for industrial heating and humidification applications.

Industrial Valves

(3,263 companies)
Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow and pressure of liquids, gases, and slurries within a system. They are also known as regulators and are used in a wide variety of applications. Valves vary greatly in size, design, function, and operation.
Gas heaters and propane heaters burn natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), propane, or other gaseous fuels to generate heat.

Electrical Power Generators

(1,053 companies)
Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency power or as an alternator on board a vehicle. Generators can produce either AC or DC power and are typically powered by a fuel engine.

Bags and Sacks

(837 companies)
Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.

Current Limiting Diodes

(38 companies)
Current limiting diodes (CLD) regulate current over a wide voltage range. There are several types of current limiting diodes (CLD). Examples include a current regulator diode, constant current diode, and current limit diodes.

Planetary Mixers

(60 companies)
Planetary mixers have set of rotating blades that sweep off-axis to the drive motor within a tank. One blade scours the surface of the tank while the other disperses the mixture.

Level Gauges

(302 companies)
Level gauges are industrial meters used to determined the level of a liquid in a fixed storage or process tank

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