Flow computers, totalizers, and rate indicators integrate the functions of flow and temperature measurement, computation, data acquisition, input / output (I/O) standardization, and closed loop control. They require external sensor inputs and may be used as local rate indicators.

Differentials and Axles

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A differential is a mechanical connection that translates rotational motion from a source to two axles. The driveshaft generally runs the length of the vehicle, from the energy input (a motor) to the energy output (the wheels). The axle of the driving wheels is split, with the driveshaft transferring motion through gearing arrangements to maintain a uniform direction and speed of the (live) axles. This arrangement is very common in rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, but is also employed in aircraft, production machinery and equipment, trains, and ships.
...mixing and injection, often to oil and gas drilling operations. This prevents water penetrating into a well, seals the annulus after installing a casing string, and also plugs a well. Components of a cementing unit include: Mounting platform...
Centralizers position the tool string in the center of the tubing, casing, or wellbore.
Interface level measurement equipment includes sensors and meters for the detection and measurement of interface levels between different media, such as oil/water interfaces and liquid/solid interfaces.
...are also desirable properties. Temperature: The oil or fluid must dissipate heat buildup caused by pressure drops, friction, and leakages. In outdoor systems, oils must remain stable in low-temperature environments. Low foaming properties: The fluid must...

Elemental Analyzers

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Elemental Analyzers are used for analyzing the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur content of organic materials.
Volatile organic compound (VOC) analyzers are used to detect concentrations of heavy hydrocarbons in gas or liquid media.
Image Credit: Eaton Filtration | Saint-Gobain Oil & Gas | Hilliard Corp. Metalworking fluid filters are industrial filtration products used in metal processing applications to improve machine performance, product quality, and equipment life (i.e.
Quenching oil and heat treatment fluids are designed for rapid or controlled cooling of steel or other metal as part of a hardening, tempering or other heat-treating process.

Industrial Lubricants

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...as a matrix that holds the lubricant in place, while supplying some amount of ingress protection. The oil or base fluid is the active lubricating agent. Solid, or dry film lubricants, disperse a coating that excludes moisture and reduces friction. Solid...

Wellhead Equipment

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Wellhead equipment is used to connect the tubing and casing to an oil or gas pipeline.

Fuel Additives

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...fuel treatments, and water removers are also available. Additional categories of fuel additives include antioxidants, hybrid compound blends, oxygenates, antiknock agents, leader scavengers, fuel dyes, metal deactivators, and corrosion inhibitors. Oil...
Moisture or steam resistance. Food-grade, biodegradable, natural or bio-based, synthetic and petroleum products are also available. Standards. A-A-711 - Dry cleaning solvent. GME B 440 0035 - Lapping oil. SAE AMS3025 - This specification covers two types...

Compressed Air Filters

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Compressed air filters are used to remove water, oil, oil vapor, dirt, and other contaminants from a compressed air supply.

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