Wireless Systems

(285 companies)
Wireless systems consist of combined RF components such as transmitters, receivers, transceivers, filters, down / up converters, antennas and antenna positioners.

Work Lights

(55 companies)
Work lights are portable luminaires that provide illumination to dark and dim work zones.
Camera lenses and video lenses attach to video cameras for use in machine vision, quality monitoring, security, and remote monitoring for industrial and commercial operations. This search form does not cover consumer video camera lenses.

Optical Lenses

(347 companies)
Optical lenses are transparent components made from optical-quality materials and curved to converge or diverge transmitted rays from an object. These rays then form a real or virtual image of the object. This area includes micro lenses.

Coiled Cords and Cables

(92 companies)
Coiled cords and cables have a spring-like form that allows them to stretch and bend with minimal stress on the wire. They can be extended to a length several times greater than their at-rest length, but return to their original length when released.


(1,833 companies)
Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available.
Posts, spacers and standoffs are threaded and used in applications where boards, plates, or other items need to be fastened to each other.

AC Power Cords

(428 companies)
AC power cords carry alternating current from one area to another. There are many different standard plugs and voltages, depending upon the country.
Glass sheets and plate glass consist of flat glass materials in the form of thin or wide slab planar structures.

Ear Protection

(445 companies)
Ear protection devices protect the ears and ear organs from elevated decibel levels and debris and water ingress.
Pneumatic relays and volume boosters control output air flow and pressure in response to a pneumatic input signal. They can perform simple functions such as boosting or scaling the output, or use complex reversal, biasing, and math function operators.
Bearing retainers or bearing cages are used in rotary and linear bearings to separate and maintain a specified distance between rolling elements, whether they are balls, needle rollers, or rollers.

CRT Monitors

(221 companies)
CRT monitors use cathode ray tube technology to display output from a computer.


(159 companies)
Staples are U-shaped metal fasteners that are driven into a surface to hold or secure an object in place.


(250 companies)
Intercoms are an electronic communications system generally composed of fixed microphone/speaker units connected to a central control device.