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Hydrophones are underwater acoustic sensors used in marine research, undersea mapping and navigation, and various commercial and military applications.
Surface protection products and corrosion protection products are used to provide protection to industrial surfaces particularly in the marine, transportation, chemical process, pulp and paper, and petroleum industries.

Buoys and Floats

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Buoys and floats are designed to float on the surface of a body of water, or are supported below the water 's surface to mark a location. They are used in marine navigation, boat mooring, nautical communications, and weather observation applications.
Windshields, windscreens and vehicle windows provide visibility for personnel inside aerospace, marine, roadway, and railway vehicles while protecting occupants from oncoming rain, insects and debris.

Tank Cleaning Machines

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Tank cleaning machines wash out the internal surfaces of a storage, marine or process tanks using rotary spray heads, jet heads, static spray balls, or clean-in-place systems
Vehicle cleaning systems wash the exteriors or interiors or aircraft, railcars, automobiles, trucks, tanker cars, and marine vessels. Surfaces are washed using spray nozzles or scrubbers mounted on stationary drive-through machines, trailers, trucks, articulating arms, surface crawlers or robots.
Industrial brake and clutch repair services strip and reline friction material pads and lines on brakes, clutches and other non-automotive power transmission equipment. Some services will fabricate or manufacture friction liners, brake pads or clutch plates for offroad, marine, oil and gas and other industrial applications.


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Clevises are U-shaped fasteners that are used with a clevis pin to connect to a tang or clevis mount. Clevis fasteners are used to connect products such as cylinders, trailers and structural members subjected to tension loads only. Clevis fasteners are used in many industries, such as agriculture, marine, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.

Navigation Lights

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Navigation lights are colored illumination devices used on aircraft, watercraft, and spacecraft. They are used to alert other crafts or vessels of the signaling craft's position, status, and/or heading. Most aircraft and marine vessels are required...


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...usually start out at three feet wide, then increases up to four. Finally there is the load limit of the structure. Materials. The most common material is steel, usually galvanized or painted. Often aluminum is used, especially in marine and aeronautical...
EKF). MEMs (Microelectromechanical systems). Pre-calibration. Automatic heave adjustment. Built-in web interface. Applications. Motion reference units support a multitude of uses across several industries including: Subsea. Marine. Aviation. Oil...

Speed Logs

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...and marine technology - Heading control systems for high-speed craft. References. Image Credits: NauticExpo...


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Crystals are naturally occurring materials that can be induced to resonate (vibrate) at an exact frequency. Quartz, a piezoelectric crystal that provides excellent mechanical and electrical stability, acquires a charge when compressed, twisted, or distorted.


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Dredges are machines or vessels equipped with scooping or suction devices that are used to remove material from under a body of water. They are commonly used to deepen harbors and waterways, waterfront and environmental restoration and in underwater mining applications.
...provide information on driver behavior, such as average speed, breaks, and detour information. Fleet management companies which serve the marine industry concentrate on day-to-day ship operations such as maintenance, tracking, and crew management...

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