Laboratory Stoppers

(66 companies)
Laboratory stoppers are truncated, cylindrical or conical pieces that are used to plug, close and/or seal labware.

Laboratory Spatulas

(28 companies)
Laboratory spatulas are tools with a broad, flat blade for generic mixing, spreading, and scraping of lab substrates and industrial compounds. They commonly have a second blade or spoon for other tasks.

Laboratory Flasks

(138 companies)
Laboratory flasks are lab vessels with wide bodies and narrow, tubular necks. They can be used for mixing, measuring, and heating chemicals, samples, and solutions.

Laboratory Bottles

(136 companies)
Laboratory bottles are chemically-resistant containers used for holding and dispensing fluids.

Floor Coatings

(361 companies)
Floor coatings are tough protective layers used in applications where heavy surface wear or corrosion is expected. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, and manufacturing floors.

Laboratory Homogenizers

(134 companies)
Laboratory homogenizers are high-speed, high-shear mixers that reduce samples to uniformed-sized molecules through maceration, cutting, and blending. They are used to process liquids, slurries, or granular substances.

Laboratory Thermometers

(131 companies)
Laboratory thermometers are used to measure temperatures or temperature changes with a high degree of precision. Traditional liquid-in-glass design offers ease of use and low cost.

Laboratory Controllers

(33 companies)
Laboratory controllers are designed specifically to monitor and/or control variables involved in laboratory or scientific experimentation, testing, or sample preparation. They are often used to control temperature, but may also control other variables.
Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) software is used to manage information and data in scientific and commercial laboratories.
Laboratory and calibration gases are specialized for use as laboratory standards, as well as for detection, sample preparation, environmental monitoring and analysis applications.
Laboratory freeze dryers preserve samples by freezing the material and then allowing sublimation to occur. This water-removal process is also known as lyophilization.

Laboratory Dispensers

(187 companies)
...pouring out materials because they are more accurate, help to cut down on waste, and reduce the risk of sample contamination. Types of Laboratory Dispensers. The most common types of dispensers are: Bottle Top - Bottle top dispensers portion out small...

Laboratory Degassers

(42 companies)
Laboratory degassers are used to filter or remove gases from solvents and samples.
Analytical laboratory services detect, classify and/or assay chemical, material, biological, geological and environmental samples.

Face Shields

(329 companies)
Face shields are safety devices designed to protect the face from debris or other hazards.
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