Pipe and Tube Cutters

(150 companies)
Pipe and tube cutters are hand-held tools or machines that use a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other tool head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts.

Milling Cutters

(861 companies)
Milling cutters are rotating cutting tools that are used mainly in milling machines and machining centers. Common configurations include end mills, face mills, shell mills, and application-specific cutters and geometries.

Angle Cutters

(44 companies)
Angle cutters are milling cutters with the cutting face angled with respect to the axis of rotation.

Fly Cutters

(33 companies)
Fly cutters are rotary tools that use one or more single-point tools for plane surfacing.

Dovetail Cutters

(60 companies)
Dovetail cutters are specialized tools for cutting a dovetail angled grooves into a workpiece and are used for fitting or joining parts.

Keyseat Cutters

(66 companies)
Keyseat cutters produce a groove or slot, which serves as a seat for a complementary engagement key. They are typically used in key shafts to provide positive engagement and prevent unwanted rotation or movement.

Gasket Cutters

(23 companies)
Gasket cutters are manually operated tools used for cutting gaskets. There are several types of gasket cutters and they can be used in a wide variety of applications.
Metal profiles and structural shapes include metals and alloys with uniform cross sections such as tees, angles, channels, I-beams, rectangular tubes, and specialty cross sectional shapes manufactured through extrusion, continuous casting, roll forming, or other specialized processes.
Dimensional and profile scanners gather two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) information about an object.

Flatbed Cutters

(25 companies)
Flatbed cutters use a large, flat work surface and an X-Y cutting head to cut materials such as paper, vinyl, cardboard, textiles, glass, and other materials.
Die cutters and die cutting machines convert web or sheet materials into shapes. They are used to process woven cloth, non-woven textiles, and rubber sheets.


(33 companies)
...the loss of air pressure from a perforated tire in motion is slowed down. Solid tires are prominent in industrial applicationss. Many are non-pneumatic and consist of compounds derived from molding solid rubber or plastic. Such products are found...

Process Dryers

(662 companies)
...and may have differing airflow or a different temperature profile and control in successive zones. Saturated or close to saturated air is exhausted from the dryer via a central exhaust duct. A calciner consists of an angled drum tube that passes through...

Shapers (metalworking)

(18 companies)
Shapers are machine tools that are designed to remove large amounts of material from a metal workpiece. They have a cutter mounted on a moving ram that moves back and forth in a linear motion over a fixed workpiece. Shaper Operation. Shapers operate...
Plugs, stoppers and inserts fit into holes or cavities and are designed for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes.