Cam Followers

(157 companies)
Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft.


(293 companies)
Hooks are load-transmitting components that are most often used in conjunction with chains and other equipment. Products are designated as eye hooks, clevis hooks, or grab hooks and are used to connect lifting and rigging attachments.

Drawer Slides

(84 companies)
...of zinc-plated steel and is non-handed with head screws. Front and rear mounting brackets may be included. A plastic drawer slide is self-lubricating and designed to align drawers on wooden tracks. Other types of drawer slides are also available...
Computer repair services troubleshoot, configure and repair hardware and software computer problems.
Information technology (IT) consulting services help design, develop and maintain the hardware and software components of computer systems.

Hinges (industrial)

(436 companies)
Industrial hinges are jointed devices that allow an attached part, such as a door or window, to swing.

Industrial Pins

(772 companies)
Industrial pins are varieties of fastening hardware meant to couple, align, mount, assemble, or penetrate two workpieces. The operation of the pin depends on design and employment, but industrial pins can be categorized into several categories, such as: hitch and linch pins; cotter pins and wire clips; spring pins; locating and fixturing pins; and specialty pins.


(1,320 companies)
A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is used to position two workpieces in specific relation to each other. A bolt is specifically designed to be used with a mating, internally threaded hole or nut, which will maintain the bolt's alignment as well as the material's position on the bolt. While used synonymously, screws and bolts are not mechanical clones.


(376 companies)
...wheels can ride on tracks or floors and provide superior traction due to their V- shape. Flanged track wheels can also ride on tracks, but cannot travel on floors because the flanges mounted on each side of the wheel limit the bearing surface area...

Beam Clamps

(61 companies)
Beam clamps attach conduits, pipework, panels, or other hardware to the flanges of structural beams.


(21 companies)
...applications. A stake can be used to demarcate a plot of land or anchor guy ropes for a tent. A metal spike can be used for anchoring fence posts, shoes, or other equipment. A railroad spike is used to fasten a T-shaped railroad track to wooden ties...
...that are lock to a permanent shaft in a more substantial way. A security door lock is not only limited to exterior doors. Locks and locking systems vendors also supply cabinet hardware security locks for specific applications such as filing cabinets or gun...


(269 companies)
A156.13 - Mortise locks and latches series 1000. DIN EN 12209 - Building hardware - locks and latches. References. Image Credit. Illinois Lock Company...
Banding buckles and strapping buckles are hardware products that attach two loose strap ends together and secure them by a tightening mechanism. Buckles are common in strapping and lashing applications.

Image Processors

(83 companies)
Image processors includes the hardware and/or software that translates data into dots or pixels in a printer or image setter.

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