Machine Way Wipers

(48 companies)
Machine way wipers provide a seal between a machine slide or way and a stationary surface.
Compression packing seals or gland seals are deformable materials used to prevent or control the leakage of fluid between surfaces that move in relation to each other.

V-ring Seals

(38 companies)
V-ring seals are all-rubber seals used primarily to exclude dirt and other contaminants. They are stretched over shafts and seal against the side of housing or another machine component.

Hydraulic Reservoirs

(116 companies)
Hydraulic reservoirs are storage tanks that hold liquids or gases used in fluid power applications. They are usually rectangular, cylindrical, T-shaped, or L-shaped and made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic.

Wellhead Equipment

(160 companies)
Wellhead equipment is used to connect the tubing and casing to an oil or gas pipeline.
Rust preventives and corrosion inhibitors are lubricants, greases, oils or fluid additives that form a protective film or barrier to prevent corrosion or rust formation.
Quenching oil and heat treatment fluids are designed for rapid or controlled cooling of steel or other metal as part of a hardening, tempering or other heat-treating process.

Industrial Greases

(604 companies) process heating and machine cooling applications. Micro-dispersion greases contain tiny particles of boron nitride (BN) graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), or molybdenum disulfide in a mineral, petroleum or synthetic oil base. Lapping...

Packer Elements

(19 companies)
Packer elements are down-hole sealing elements used to isolate sections in oil and gas drilling applications.

Industrial Lubricants

(1,528 companies) a matrix that holds the lubricant in place, while supplying some amount of ingress protection. The oil or base fluid is the active lubricating agent. Solid, or dry film lubricants, disperse a coating that excludes moisture and reduces friction. Solid...

Bearing Isolators

(52 companies)
Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member.

Metal Ring Seals

(85 companies)
Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high operating temperatures, pressures, and vacuums. They can also withstand cryogenic conditions and high face-to-face cycling.

Diaphragm Seals

(108 companies)
Diaphragm seals are isolation devices that separate a pressure instrument from the process media.
Degreasers and degreasing equipment remove grease, oil, lubricants or other organic films from parts using aqueous cleaners or solvent vapors.

Gaskets and Gasketing

(1,393 companies)
Description. Gaskets are used to prevent fluid or gas leaks by providing a barrier between two mating surfaces. The gasket must be able to maintain a seal under pressure and temperature changes. A number of different gaskets are available: pre-cut...

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