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...a bright light source and lens to collimate the light. Overhead projectors consist of a flat light box with a mirror attached by a flex arm to the box. The mirror reflects the enlarged image of the transparency on the wall. Digital or Computer-Based...

Solar Water Heaters

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...not. Both types of solar water heaters mount on roofs or walls and have storage tanks and solar collectors. Solar storage tanks must be well-insulated. They have outlets and inlets that connect to and from the solar collector. In one-tank systems...

Lighting Fixtures

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...lights include down lights and fluorescent troffers. Image Credit: Appleton Electric. Track lights mount on the ceiling and consist of metal rods and movablelight fixtures that snap into place. Image Credit: Ecopower, Inc. Product and Performance...
Board mounted EMI Filters and RFI Filters are IC or board mounted devices designed to purify signals of unwanted noise. automatically, include computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools and a programmable logic controller (PLC), or can be programmed or controlled through a personal computer (PC) interface. Bench mounted, floor mounted, stationary, handheld...


(717 companies) the area between the gain medium and the laser output. The cavity may contain several components, including: Two or more optical mirrors close to the gain medium. The mirrors reflect transmitted light back into the gain medium -- sometimes hundreds...


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Speakers produce and transmit sounds carried by electrical or radio signals. This product category is primarily for industrial and OEM speakers rather than those for home use.


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Screens consist of a surface with openings of specific sizes. They may be made in many ways, including perforating a sheet, weaving metal wire or synthetic fibers or electroforming. Among other uses, screens are commonly used to provide open but secure separation for a clean environment and flying objects, debris or insects.


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Parabolic reflectors and ellipsoidal reflectors are used to maximize illumination or projection system output by increasing light source efficiency.


(1,858 companies)
Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available.
Galvanometer optical scanners are motorized mirror mounts and system used in scanning applications.

Optical Mirrors

(370 companies)
Optical mirrors have a smooth, highly-polished, plane or curved surface for reflecting light. Usually, the reflecting surface is a thin coating of silver, or aluminum on glass.
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Spherical Mirrors

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Spherical mirrors are curved so that reflected beams converge on a focal point.

Optical Mounts

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Optical mounts are specialized holders designed for use with a variety of optical assemblies.

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