...of providing much more accurate measurements. All photometers consist of five basic elements: A white light source. Some form of wavelength control. A sample compartment. A detector. A meter. An operating photometer moves through these components...

Safety Labels and Signs

(281 companies)
Safety signs and warning signs consist of non-traffic-related notifying text, symbols and background. They are designed to inform the reader of a potential hazards or dangers and are usually printed on a rigid or semi-rigid material.

Smoke Detectors

(278 companies)
Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. Common types include ionization chambers and photoelectric devices.

Liquid Leak Detectors

(244 companies)
Liquid leak detectors sense when a liquid is leaking from a pipe, tank, or other receptacle.

Gas Instruments

(951 companies)
Image credit: Det-Tronics | Fotronic Corp. | MSA. Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment. Detectors sense situations outside normal operating parameters and are set to alarm when these conditions are violated...


(230 companies)
...photodiodes can be a position sensitive detector. Important photodiode performance specifications to consider include: Sensitivity. Rise time. Quantum efficiency. Operating temperature. Sensitivity is a measure of the effectiveness of a detector...

Flame Detectors

(178 companies)
Flame detectors monitor and analyze incoming radiation at selected wavelengths.

Heat Detectors

(113 companies)
Heat detectors are fire detection devices that sense heat produced by combustion. Heat detectors can trigger an alarm when they detect rapid temperature rise or reach a preset temperature.

Flaw Detectors

(260 companies)
Flaw detectors are used to detect or measure defects in raw materials or finished products. This product area includes fault detectors, NDT instruments that are used to find faults in electrical, mechanical, optical, or other systems.

Radiation Detectors

(207 companies)
Radiation detectors are used for medical diagnoses, radioactive dating measurements, and measurements of background radiation, activity levels and radiation doses.

Leak Testing Equipment

(453 companies)
...from sealed components or systems. Some configurations require a separate leak detector or sensor as an input. Such types of leak testing equipment are often equipped with various other components such as pumps, calibrators, gauges and cases...
Industrial metal detectors indicate the presence of metal in nonconductive materials such as textiles, rubber, oils or liquids, plastics, powders, wood products and concrete.

Gas Sensors

(572 companies)
Gas sensors interact with a gas to initiate the measurement of its concentration. The sensor then provides output to an instrument to display the measurements.
Electronics - Build an Ultrasonic Proximity Detector. Honeywell - Applying Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors. info.blogspot.com - How Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor Works...

Ultrasonic Instruments

(263 companies)
...and then retrieved for subsequent analysis. There are several basic types of ultrasonic instruments. Acoustic emissions instruments and fault detectors are used to monitor conditions in a variety of mechanical, electrical and process systems. When a break...

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