Some of the more notable features include: Shelving: Layered shelving units may be adjusted or removed to alter a cart's carrying capacity. Tilting shelves will allow easy access and unloading. Lift: A scissor or piston mechanism allows the load...

Platforms and Walkways

(417 companies)
...or reconfigure components. They are a more permanent alternative to scaffolding, scissor lifts, or bucket lifts, though they may be also be removable or reconfigurable. Many can be disassembled and reinstalled at a new location. These platforms...

Industrial Winches

(384 companies)
Hydraulic motors are powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid and transfer rotational kinetic energy. They have a high duty cycle. Gasoline powered engines are powered by gasoline and are convenient for portable applications. Motor. Advantages...
Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs.

Water Pumps

(851 companies) which the pump connects. Temperature of the water to be pumped. Need to maintain some form of sterility. Power source. Electric pumps are available in AC and DC models. Fuel-driven (gas, oil, diesel, etc.) pumps can generate high degrees of lift...
...within a building. Elevators are transport devices that are used to lift people and good vertically, from one floor to another. Wheelchair access laws, elevators are often legal requirements in multi-story buildings. Elevators are platforms, which...
Ground protection mats and portable roadways are temporary material installations that reduce damage to underlying surfaces from traffic and also provide better traction for equipment and individuals.

Dock Equipment

(458 companies)
Dock equipment covers all items that assist in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. Dock equipment categories include dock boards, dock bumpers, dock seals, dock levelers, dock lights, dock shelters, dock doors, dock restraints, dock guides, and dock chocks.

Roller Dollies

(190 companies)
Roller dollies are high capacity, low profile dollies used for moving, shifting, and positioning extremely heavy loads.

Liquid Handling Pumps

(2,433 companies)
The image below shows a simplified centrifugal pump layout: Image Credit: Engineers Edge. Centrifugal pumps can be further differentiated based on how they direct flow. Axial flow pumps lift liquid in a direction parallel to the pump shaft...
Artificial lifting equipment refers to the systems which increase the flow rate of a production well. This is beneficial when reservoir pressure are low or nonexistant to increase the flow rate of water or crude oil.

Awnings and Canopies

(353 companies)
Awnings and canopies are free-standing or attached shelters that typically consist of a textile cover and metal frame. They provide weather protection, as well as a large surface for signage or advertising.

Jet Pumps

(124 companies)
...including gas, steam, or liquid. They can be considered mixers or circulators, since the intake combines multiple fluid sources. Multiple inlets are used to draw in a constant stream of fluid, using pressure to create lift through suction...

Wind Turbines

(331 companies)
...efficiencies. Image Credit: HowStuffWorks, Inc. Lift and Drag. Lift and drag are two aerodynamic forces exerted on the blades of a wind turbine. Lift is created as negative pressure builds downwind on the blind side of the turbine blade. As the pressure...

Centrifugal Pumps

(1,190 companies)
...are characterized by high flow and low pressure. They lift liquid in a direction parallel to the impeller shaft, operating essentially the same as a boat propeller. Pressure is developed wholly by the propelling action of the impeller vanes. Axial flow impeller...

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