Wave Washers

(67 companies)
Wave washers or wave springs are wavy metal washers designed to provide a compensating spring force and sustain a load or absorb shock.

Explosion Proof Heaters

(48 companies)
Available wattage. Maximum watt density. Watt density, a measure of how quickly heat is transferred, is calculated by dividing the available wattage by the area of the heated surface. Sleeve / Sheath Material. Aluminum, a metallic element with good...

Flexible Couplings

(472 companies)
...on shafts. A sleeve with internal teeth fits over the gears. These couplings provide high torque and allow axial misalignment, but usually needs lubrication and good shaft alignment. Metal bellows are high speed couplings that prevent backlash...

Cartridge Heaters

(175 companies)
...heating elements. The heating element is insulated to prevent the sheath from contacting the heating element and ultimately causing a short circuit or heater failure. The sheath, also known as a sleeve, or jacket, encapsulates the heater and provides...


(514 companies)
...that are used to attach objects to concrete. Variations include L-anchors, concrete I-bolt anchors, concrete strike anchors, sleeve bolt anchors, and floor anchors. Expansion anchors - Expansion anchors (expansion shield anchors) are designed...

Protective Sleeving

(161 companies)
Protective sleeves are special, corrugated conduits used to organize cables and wires.

Radiant Heater Elements

(126 companies)
...are protected. Typically, devices have a metal sheath or quartz sleeve. Radiant heater elements with custom dispersion angles and other special features are also available. Selection. Selecting radiant heater elements requires an analysis of power...
Specialty rotary bearings are specialized or proprietary anti-friction bearings that don't belong to a conventional bearing category.

Strip Heaters

(134 companies)
...a variety of materials. When used as radiant heaters, they include finned strips to maximize surface area and heat transfer to the air. Strip heaters consist of a heating element, protective sleeve, and mounting hardware. Sleeve / Sheath Material. Sleeve...
...machines are usually stationary and feature a long, flat platen behind a horizontal belt-sanding surface. Other types of sanders and sanding machines include: disc, drum, sleeve, orbital, planetary, surface, conveyor, stroke, pad, vibratory...

Band Heaters

(152 companies)
...heater should be the same size as the outside diameter of the cylinder to be heated. Sleeve/Sheath Material. Band heaters use a sleeve, jacket or sheath as a protective outer covering for the heating elements. Choices for sleeve material are aluminum...
...a flexible sleeve or jacket. The non-metallic sleeve protects the insulated heating element, while allowing it to form to the surface to be heated. Coil heaters are straight or pre-formed electrical heating elements with a metallic sheath. Once...

Flexible Heaters

(185 companies)
...are performance specifications, type of heating element, dimensions and sleeve or sheath material. Other considerations include RoHS / WEE compliance and various features. Performance Specifications. Performance specifications for industrial heaters include...

Drum Heaters

(90 companies)
...by the heated surface area. It is a good measure of how quickly a drum heater can transfer heat to a surface. Choices for sleeve or sheath material include: aluminum, brass, copper, fluoropolymer, high temperature foil (HT foil), iron, nickel alloy...

Thrust Washers

(53 companies)
Thrust washers are used as a bearing surface for rotary applications. They are usually made of steel, bronze, plastic, or other material with low friction coefficients.

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