(35 companies)
Satellites are manmade objects placed in orbit above the Earth for a variety of civil, scientific, and military applications, such as communications, environmental monitoring, navigation, and reconnaissance.
Modeling and simulation software is used to model and simulate a system or process for the purposes of testing or calibration.

Imaging Spectrometers

(20 companies) used to detect individual absorption features of specific chemical bonds in a solid, liquid, or gas and can be used to detect every material. Imaging spectroscopy is the application of reflectance/emittance spectroscopy to every pixel in a spatial...

Video Cameras

(1,634 companies)
Video cameras record live-action scenes that are available for viewing via a stored or transmitted video feed. This allows the user to create a permanent and detailed chronicle of events. Video cameras record dozens of pictures (or frames) a second that when viewed in succession, clearly distinguish the translation of an object or person over time.
Force Sensors for OEMs. Specifications. Specifications for tactile pressure sensors include width, length, and thickness; pressure range and allowable over-range; and sensing area and spatial resolution. Additional considerations include saturation...

Image Processors

(83 companies)
...repositories. An image processor performs operations such as scaling, rotation and image enhancement on an image that has two dimensional functions, X and Y, which are the spatial coordinates. Raster image processors and hyperspectral image...


(1,582 companies)
Industrial batteries translate chemical energy into electricity.
...on stimulated emission with amplification but insufficient feedback for oscillation to build up. SLDs are applied in situations where a smooth and broadband optical spectrum (i.e. low temporal coherence), combined with high spatial coherence...

Optical Rails

(13 companies)
...specifications. Applications. Optical rails are used in many applications. Examples of optical mounting system include designing and building of accurate optical systems such as microscopes, laser spectroscopy instruments, spatial filters...
...mounts and operator interface arms are articulating components used to hold and position industrial computer monitors, keyboards, or other operator interfaces. Operator interface mounts and arms are designed to improve the physical/spatial relationships...

Electrical Insulators

(186 companies)
...extreme thermal conditions. A laser cut electrical insulator has special spatial characteristics. A standard electric insulator is non-metallic and blocks the flow of electricity because its valence band is filled; however, the energy gap...

Fiber Optic Probes

(32 companies)
...a hologram through the use of high-precision optical hardware such as collimators, mirrors, spatial filters, optical lenses, camera lenses, exposure meters and beam splitters. Immersion and insertion optics feature single, double or triple-window...

Beam Expanders

(29 companies)
Consequently, Kepler laser beam expanders are used in interferometry and other applications that require an intermediate focal point with a pinhole for spatial filtering. Galileo laser beam expanders do not have an internal focal point...

GPS Software

(87 companies)
...with spatial outputs such as maps. Selecting GPS software requires an analysis of specifications, capabilities, and features. Parameters include computer operating system (OS), device type, and GPS receiver type. GPS software is designed for specific...

Photomultiplier Tubes

(33 companies)
...known as head-on photomultipliers, offer better spatial uniformity and photosensitive areas from tens of square millimeters to hundreds of square centimeters. Performance Level. There are a number of factors that determine the performance level...

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