Flat Belts

(211 companies)
Flat belts are used in transmission and conveying systems. They feature transmission efficiency, cost effectiveness and ease of installation and use. Typical belt applications include conveyors, machine tools, and heavy industrial equipment.

Timing Pulley Flanges

(26 companies)
Timing pulley flanges are used to maintain belt contact with a pulley in a transmission application.

Timing Belts (inch)

(244 companies)
English pitch timing belts mate with same-pitch timing pulleys in power transmission systems where maintenance of speed ratio is an important design consideration. English pitch is the distance between belt teeth based on inches (in).

Contact Wheels

(23 companies)
Contact wheels drive and provide backup support for abrasive belts. They are available in a variety of face profiles, materials and diameters.

Linear Actuators

(734 companies)
From Hydraulic to Electric : Industrial Linear Actuators. Video Credit: ThomsonIndustries. Types of Linear Actuators. Linear actuators can be divided into three types: screw, belt, and rod type. Screw Type. Screw type linear actuators generate motion...
Drive rollers and idler rollers convey materials along a belt or within an assembly. Drive rollers are powered by electric motors, while idler rollers are linked in a transmission or unpowered.

Linear Solenoids

(137 companies)
Linear solenoids convert electrical energy into mechanical power via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action.

Curtain Coaters

(19 companies)
Curtain coaters, flow coaters, belt coaters, trickle coaters or cascaders forming a waterfall, narrow stream or sheet of liquid coating through which parts or stock materials are passed. Precise, narrow streams are used to selectively apply coatings, prim
Pulley and roller lagging is the process of covering the surface of rollers or pulleys to increase traction, prevent premature wear, improve alignment between the roller/pulley and a belt, and extend the overall lifetime of the system.
...devices allow multiple position stops along strokes. Video Credit: Micromatic, LLC via YouTube. Specifications. Operating pressure range and operating temperature are expressed as full-required ranges. Maximum torque, the required range of torque output...
Round belts and o-ring belts are light-to-medium duty power transmission belts. They can be solid or hollow, and can easily be used in 3-D applications.
...of products, including bulk materials such as stone, ore, and powders. Conveyor equipment includes belt conveyors, bucket or cart-on-track conveyors, chain conveyors, and chute conveyors. Conveyor controls and motors are also used on manufacturing conveyance...

Industrial Conveyors

(2,469 companies)
...machinery that transport bulk materials or discrete units from one place to another at a controlled rate. There are two main conveyor technologies: bulk material and unit handling. There are also many different conveyor types. Belt conveyors are the most...
...by pressurized fluid are also available. Performance Specifications. Performance specifications for hydraulic rotary actuators include operating pressure range, maximum torque, load capacity, linear stroke, operating temperature, and rotation angle. Maximum...

Idler Pulleys

(79 companies)
...a drive belt to guide it or take up slack specifically used in industries. A metric idler pulley is a pulley system that helps in connecting to distant points through an idler pulley. Idler pulleys are produced in a variety styles such as, V-belt, plain...

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