Switch mode transformers (switching transformers) are used mainly in switching power supplies and DC-DC converters. They provide a storage element for transferring energy from input to output in discrete packets as required in switching power supplies, regulators and converters.

Raman Spectrometers

(82 companies)
...humidity and dew point analyzers, pH and ORP devices, rheometers, spectrometers, surface area and tension instruments, turbidity and opacity testers, and water quality meters.


(754 companies)
...a minimal amount, practically zero, of current is observed across the junction, the diode is said to be in a reverse bias condition. When forward biased the diode behaves much like a closed switch, and when reverse biased the diode behaves like an open...

Weather Instruments

(344 companies)
...designs for hygrometers -- devices designed to measure humidity -- relied of the measurement of wet vs. dry temperature and even the tension of human hair to determine humidity. Modern hygrometers typically use resistive or capacitive sensors, which detect...

KVM Switch Software

(5 companies)
KVM software enables access to Windows applications and systems located on remote computers via network connections and terminal interfaces. KVM switch software enables remote operation of multiple computers through a single terminal. A user has...

Temperature Sensors

(626 companies)
Work?. The way a temperature sensor works depends upon the physical property that is measured. Sensor options include thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermistors, and bimetal switches. Each is described below. Selection Criteria...

Linear Velocity Sensors

(72 companies)
RF), switch or alarm, serial, parallel, DeviceNet, Ethernet, SERCOS, SSI, and TTL-compatible. Linear velocity sensors can be many different types of devices, including sensor element or chip, sensor or transducer, instrument or meter, gauge...

Boxes and Crates

(232 companies)
Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications.
Dimensional indicators and comparators measure where the linear movement of a precision spindle or probe is amplified.

Current Transformers

(330 companies)
Current transformers are used to step down current in a very predictable fashion with respect to current and phase. They are generally used as inputs to current instruments.


(717 companies)
...with continuous output simply emits a beam continuously. Pulsed output consists of a series of single emissions which occur in sequence. Q-switched emission (sometimes called giant pulse formation) is a specialized type of pulsing in which each pulse has a much...

Motion Control Systems

(301 companies)
Motion control systems contain matched components such as controllers, motor drives, motors, encoders, user interfaces and software. Components in these systems are optimally matched by the manufacturer.

Cores and Tubes

(44 companies)
Cores and tubes are made of paper, plastic or metal and are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display.

Lighting Fixtures

(1,657 companies)
Lighting fixtures produce artificial light in industrial areas or workspaces.
Locks and locking systems are mechanical fastening devices designed to close and control access to doors, drawers, or containers. Common types of locks include cam locks, combination locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and key-operated locks.

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