Wear Protection Services

(195 companies)
...applicator. Some protective liners and lining systems are available as fluoroplastic films or barrier membranes while others are available as coated cloths or tarps.Wear protection services typically include hardfacing, ceramic coatings, thermal...
Automation equipment and system integrators provide equipment and solutions for automating manufacturing processes.

Damage Indicators

(28 companies)
Damage indicators are applied onto or within containers and products to indicate that the device has been exposed to environmental factors that could damage the packaged goods.
...the coating on a surface. The spray is patterned onto the workpiece by an applicator, and cleaning and curing equipment helps perfect the paint's adhesion. The following components are utilized in commercial and industrial painting applications...


(157 companies)
Staples are U-shaped metal fasteners that are driven into a surface to hold or secure an object in place.
Pressure indicating films use microencapsulated inks or transfer coatings to visually indicate, measure, and/or map the contact stress or pressure changes across a surface. They consist of one or two sheets and have separate color-forming and color-developing layers.
Laminators and laminating machines or presses bond together layers of materials such as plastic films on glass, wood or other substrates.
Paint brushes and applicators are used to apply paints, adhesives, sealants, oils, cleaners, acids or etchants, mortar or cement treatments, and other coating products to surfaces.
...of equipment supports the spraying process, including: applicators, pressure systems, holding basins, environment enclosures, transportation or mounting solutions, curing units, and cleaning/reclamation products. The components required to apply a spray...
...mailing software enables businesses to expedite mass mailings. Features may include verifying and standardizing addresses, presorting mailers by zip code or postal rate, and the ability to print documents such as labels, forms, and tags. Optional...

RFID Software

(140 companies)
...applications are used to produce RFID tags, tiny transponders that attach to RFID antennas. Others are designed to print RFID labels that include human-readable text or barcodes. RFID software for handheld devices such as readers, encoders, and scanners can...
Suppliers of membrane switches and keypad assemblies using flexible membranes, domed or flat switch profiles, and tactile and non-tactile switches and panels.

Barcode Software

(228 companies)
...is used to create, print, and analyze barcodes for companies and other organizations that manufacture, store, distribute, sell, and ship products. Barcode printing software comes with special fonts for creating and printing barcodes on labels and forms...

Barcode Decoders

(48 companies)
Barcode decoders are hardware devices that convert the information in barcodes to a digital format.

Industrial Tapes

(2,173 companies)
...identification, label or display protection, sealing, seaming, welding, floor marking/directions, heat sinks, thermal protection, bundling cables or products, non-skid/antislip, slide/glide/friction reduction, and more. When selecting industrial tapes...

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