Refractory cements and raw materials consist of castables, rams, aggregates and binders that are resistant to high temperatures.

Refractory Ferrules

(25 companies)
Refractory ferrules are designed to protect boiler tube inlet areas and metal tube sheets in sulfur recovery units (SRUs) used in oil refinery operations. Boiler tube inserts are also used in methane reformers and waste heat boilers (WHB).

Kilns (industrial)

(103 companies)
Industrial kilns are very high temperature thermal processing units, used for firing ceramics or calcining minerals.

Safety Gloves

(1,166 companies)
Safety gloves are personal protective equipment worn over the hands to protect users from adverse processes or environments. They come in a variety of designs to support their breadth of utility.


(20 companies)
Cupolas are decorative and functional structures for a dome or roof. They are used for ventilation and architectural purposes.

Vacuum Furnaces

(103 companies)
...baking, brazing or soldering, burn-off, curing, drying, firing or sintering, foundry or melting, heat treating, hot pressing, industrial, laboratory, preheating, and quenching. Other features include overtemperature protection, three-zone or multi-zone...

MEMS Devices

(42 companies)
...bipolar, and bipolar CMOS (BICMOS) processes. The fabrication and micromachining technologies that are used to produce these tiny devices include photolithography, deposition, and etching. MEMS foundries design and manufacture microelectromechanical...

Ovens (industrial)

(503 companies)
...on the product line, volume of work to be produced, and temperature to be obtained. Foundry ovens are used for metal melting applications for jewelry manufacturing, mining, die-casting operations, production aluminum foundries, and fine arts studios...
...applications, radio frequency and microwave applications, and foundry and metal processing. Industrial ceramic materials are used to fabricate optical components such as lenses, windows, prisms, and optical fibers. They are also used in the manufacture...

Laboratory Furnaces

(149 companies)
Laboratory furnaces provide continuous heating to process samples and materials.

Remediation Services

(813 companies)
Remediation services include oil or chemical spill clean up, restoration of contaminated sites, and hazardous waste management.


(139 companies)
Industrial Crushers reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. Crushers may be used to reduce the size, or change the form, of waste materials so they can be more easily disposed of or recycled, or to reduce the size of a solid mix of ra
Grinding Mills and Pulverizers are machines that grind materials into fine powders, tiny shards, shapes, or granules on a continuous basis. Often, they are used to process items that are 2 inches (5 cm) in size
...are also used in structural components, in foundries, and in semiconductors. Optical applications use single crystal ceramics, transparent ceramics, and ceramics that include sapphire and quartz. Shapes and Types. Recuperator tubes are cross-shaped...

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