Furnaces (industrial)

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...diameter, length of the chamber or tube, and pressure range. The process temperature is the maximum temperature at which the unit may operate and still maintain rated performances. The height refers to the internal height dimension of the unit...

Vacuum Ovens

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Vacuum ovens are heat-treating ovens that use a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. This helps to alleviate surface reactions.
Vacuum cups and vacuum pads engage an object and attach to it with an applied, sealed vacuum. The pads then lift, move, or position the work piece in assembly or inspection applications.
Mechanical vacuum pumps and systems contain devices such as pistons, claws, scrolling spirals, and diaphragms to isolate and compress air.
Venturi vacuum generators use the flow of motive fluid such as air, steam, or liquid to evacuate air.

Pressure Instruments

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Pressure instruments are used to measure, monitor, record, transmit or control pressure.

High Vacuum Pumps

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High and ultrahigh vacuum pumps operate efficiently in the high vacuum region and develop molecular flow for highly evacuated systems.

Vacuum Furnaces

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Vacuum furnaces are heat-treating furnaces that use a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. This helps to alleviate surface reactions.

Pressure Vessels

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Pressure vessels are boilers and storage tanks that contain liquids or gases and are designed to operate at pressures above 15 psig.

Vacuum Valves

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Vacuum valves are used when a vacuum must be maintained in a closed system.

Pressure Transmitters

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Pressure transmitters translate the low level output of a sensor or transducer to a higher level signal suitable for transmission to a site where it can be further processed. These devices include pressure sensors, transducers, elements, and instruments.
Vacuum chambers and components are specialized vessels that can maintain a high vacuum process environment for manufacturing thin films, microelectronics, optics and materials.

Pressure Controllers

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Pressure controllers accept input from pressure sensors, transmitters, gauges, and other devices and subsequently control adjustment to the pressure to maintain or achieve the desired pressure level.
Vacuum viewports and access doors are components for viewing, accessing or transferring samples or process devices in a vacuum chamber or system.

Pressure Relief Valves

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Pressure relief valves are self-actuated safety valves designed to relieve excess pressure upstream from the line.