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Basically, four different types of DC motors are used in industrial applications: series wound, shunt wound, compound wound, and permanent magnet. Several factors must be considered when selecting a DC motor for a specific application.

First, decide what the allowable variation in speed and torque can be for a given change in load. Each type of motor has benefits that are advantageous for certain applications. The following review will help you decide which motor may provide better performance in a given application. The DC motor and drive specifications should always be consulted to determine the specific speed and torque capabilities of the system. The speed/ torque curves listed below are for illustrative purposes.

Series Wound DC Motors
A series wound DC motor has the armature and field windings connected in a series circuit. Figure 3-17 shows a series wound DC motor, with an associated speed/torque curve.

As seen in Figure 3-17, this type of motor configuration features very high breakaway torque. Typical applications for this motor would be printing presses, ski lifts, electric locomotives, cranes, and oil drilling.

The starting torque developed can be as high as 500% of the full load rating. The high starting torque is a...

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