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A Flexible Automatic Test System for Rotating Turbine Machinery

The widespread applications of rotating machines such as turbine machinery in both industry and commercial life require advanced technologies to efficiently and effectively test their operational status before they begin their practical productions in the plant. This chapter discusses the development of a general flexible automatic test system for turbine machinery. In order to meet the demanding test requirements for a large and diverse community of turbine machinery, the proposed automatic test system has a contemporary windows interface and a graphical interaction and can be easily configured to include functions required by current and emerging test demands. The design and implementation of such a test system is approached from an object-oriented (OO) software engineering point-of-view for ease of extension, expansion, and maintenance. Practical implementation upon a real industrial plant shows the validity and effectiveness of the implemented automatic test system for improving the performance and quality of turbine machinery. The obtained test system delivers the performance to meet all rigorous test throughput requirements.


Turbine machinery is a type of common equipment for industrial plants. Maintenance costs associated with unprogrammed shutdown of machines like turbo-compressors or generators are normally...

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