From Festival and Events Management: An International Arts and Culture Perspective

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Introduction to Arts, Culture and Leisure
Chapter 2: An Overview of Events Management
Chapter 3: Festivals, Events and the Destination

Jane Ali-Knight and Martin Robertson


This chapter introduces and defines art, culture and leisure. It will examine the development of these concepts, particularly in relation to the cultural economy and evolution of festivals and events. The issue of participation and government involvement in arts, culture and leisure is explored.

A case study examining cultural policy and the Edinburgh Festivals is included to show the interface of the above concepts, particularly in relation to festivals and events.

Arts for Arts' Sake

The term 'arts' is often closely linked to festivals and events (the Adelaide Arts Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, Harrogate Arts Festival) and the arts are seen to be an integral part of any celebration of a country's history and culture. Traditionally, the arts were seen to incorporate works and activities such as classical music, opera, theatre, ballet, painting (fine art) and sculpture (Hughes, 2000). However, the arts today include a wider collection of activities such as contemporary dance, film, popular music and the various components of the visual arts. Indeed, the programme of any international arts festival reflects the diversity of the contemporary arts and its audience base. For example, the 2003 programme for the Perth International Arts Festival included traditional arts such as theatre, opera, dance and classical music along with contemporary arts such as the Lotteries Film Season (an...

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