From Writing for Multimedia and the Web, Second Edition

This is a book on writing for multimedia and the Web and much more.

To be effective, an interactive writer has to be more than just a great wordsmith. The interactive writer must also understand the architecture, tools, and capabilities of interactive multimedia. This book addresses this need by providing a detailed explanation of the process of conceptualizing multimedia and Web sites that both the newcomer and media industry professional will find valuable. A wide variety of Web sites and multimedia programs are discussed including: marketing, portals, reference, features, education, training, games, and online advertising.

Part I, "Interactive Media and the Writer," examines the particular demands that multimedia and the Web make on the writer, including interactivity, writing for many media, organizational tools, and script formatting.

Part II, "Writing Informational Multimedia and Web Sites," and Part III, "Writing Interactive Narrative," are devoted to in-depth case studies of a wide variety of projects, ranging from Web sites, to training, to games. Some of the top writers and designers for multimedia and the Web reveal their secrets for creating powerful programs. Their ideas are documented with extensive script samples, flowcharts, and other writing material.

Part IV, "Interactive Writing Careers," outlines the challenges the interactive writer faces and provides tips for developing an interactive writing career.

The attached CD-ROM includes script samples, screen shots, program demos, multimedia production information, links to scriptwriting software, a video on the creation of a multimedia program, and more.

Read this book and CD-ROM interactively; choose what...

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Media and Presentation Software
Media and presentation software include tools and applications for the creation of multimedia presentations for broadcast or advertising and marketing use. It often uses media such as CDs and DVDs.
Audio Visual Services
Audio visual service providers design, integrate, and install multimedia equipment for corporate, production, and broadcasting applications.
Technical Communications Services
Technical communications services design, write, re-write, and edit product datasheets, MSDS sheets, GMP or GLP documents, service manuals, training documents, illustrations, and other technical information.
Website Development and Optimization Services
Website development and website optimization services providers design, publish, market and/or perform SEO operations for websites.
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