From Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines and Rockets


A comprehensive set of software is included to assist you in learning the text material, solving some of the problems in the text, and completing your design problems. The software programs use pull-down menus and edit fields that support a mouse to make them very user-friendly.

The AFPROP program defines the properties of air with hydrocarbon fuels and is provided in both executable and BASIC source code. The ATMOS program gives the properties of the atmosphere at any altitude for the user-selected temperature profile (standard, cold day, hot day, or tropic). The EQL program performs chemical equilibrium analysis for reactive mixtures of perfect gases. The GASTAB program gives complete one-dimensional gas dynamics tables for the user-selected ratio of specific heats.

PARA and PERF are a set of user-friendly computer programs written for the preliminary analyses of common airbreathing aircraft engine cycles. COMPR and TURBN are a set of computer programs that perform the preliminary analyses of axial-flow compressors and turbines, respectively. These programs allow you to solve a single problem, a number of "what if" solutions, or a design problem.

The current version of PARA, PERF, COMPR, and TURBN are written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 with plotting procedures from APEX's Olectra Chart. Comprehensive user guides provided with the software will help answer most of your questions about the software.

F.1 Getting Started

To get started, you need a PC-compatible system with Microsoft Windows operation system (98 or later). The software is downloaded from the AIAA web site at...

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Topics of Interest

1.1 Calculate the uninstalled thrust for Example 1.1, using Eq. (1.6). 1.4 A J57 turbojet engine is tested at sea-level, static, standard-day conditions ( P 0 = 14.696 psia, T 0 = 518.7 R, and V 0 =...

Overview The Gazette consists of a chapter per program, process or subsystem, containing a discussion of the objects, security concerns and best practice recommendations. The naming conventions are:...

Windows XP is the most stable, powerful consumer OS (operating system) Microsoft has ever released, but that's not to say it is free of problems. Once users began subjecting WinXP to endless...

Highlights Producing a programming station that provides all the software management, the graphical and textual editors, the build system and run-time diagnostics required for programming IEC 1131-3...

In addition to the demo programs used to test the algorithms in this book, the CD-Rom contains a number of How-To's and tools. This appendix summarizes the contents. Top Level Directories Applications...