From Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout

ANSI Standards

ANSI B94.11-197 (see also ASME B94.1 IM-1993), Twist Drills

ANSI Y32.2-1975 (see also IEEE Std 315-1975), Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams

ASME Standards

B18.2.8 1999, Clearance Holes for Bolts, Screws, and Studs

B18.6.3 2003, Machine Screws and Machine Screw Nuts

ASA 618.11-1961, Miniature Screws

Y 14.5M, Dimensioning and Tolerancing

ASME B94.1 IM-1993, Twist Drills

IEEE Standards

IEEE Std 315-1975 (ANSI Y32.2-1975), Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams

IPC Standards

IPC-1902/IEC 60097, Grid Systems for Printed Circuits

IPC-2141, Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards and High-Speed Logic Design

IPC-2221A, Generic Standard on Printed Board Design

IPC-2222, Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Organic Printed Boards

IPC-2223A, Sectional Design Standard for Flexible Printed Boards

IPC-2224, Sectional Standard for Design of PWBs for PC Cards

IPC-2225, Sectional Design Standard for Organic Multichip Modules (MCM-L) and MCM-L Assemblies

IPC-2226, Sectional Design Standard for High-Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed Boards

IPC-2251, Design Guide for the Packaging of High-Speed Electronic Circuits

IPC-2515A, Sectional Requirements for Implementation of Bare Board Product Electrical Testing Data Description [BDTST]

IPC-2615, Printed Board Dimensions and Tolerances

IPC-4101A, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

IPC-7351, Generic Requirements for Surface-Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard

IPC-9252, Guidelines and Requirements for Electrical Testing of Unpopulated Printed Boards

IPC-A-600G, Acceptability of Printed Boards

IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

IPC-HDBK-610, Handbook and Guide to IPC-A-610

IPC-CM-770E, Guidelines for Printed Board Component Mounting

IPC-D-322, Guidelines for Selecting Printed Wiring Board Sizes Using Standard Panel Sizes

IPC-D-350, Printed Board Description in Digital Form

IPC-D-356B, Bare...

Products & Services
Optical and Optoelectronic Assembly Services
Optical assembly and optoelectronic assembly services companies design assemblies and systems for optical and optoelectronic devices.
Flexible Circuits
Flexible circuits use polyimide films and other foldable substrates to meet the requirements of complex electronic manufacturing applications.
Printed Circuit Substrate Materials (PCB / PWB)
Printed circuit materials have copper-clad surfaces for the fabrication of electronic and electrical circuitry on printed circuit boards (PCBs), printed wiring boards (PWB) and flexible circuits. They include materials for flexible film circuit and membrane switches, as well as rigid laminates for circuit boards
Electrical and Electromechanical Assembly Services
Electrical and electromechanical assembly services provide board-level assembly, chassis and rack panel wiring, and front panel assembly. Typically, suppliers provide the complete turnkey production of electronic and electromechanical finished products from procurement through final assembly with testing and burn-in, if required.
Professional Certification Programs
Professional certification programs prepare clients for certification testing, or provide training that ends with certification.

Topics of Interest

Table C-1: A List of Package Abbreviations Abbreviation Full name BDIP (SDIP) Butt-mounted dual inline package (surface DIP, std pitch) BGA Ball grid array BQFP Bumper quad flat package CBGA Ceramic...

Chapter List Appendix A: List of Design Standards Appendix B: Partial List of Packages and Footprints and Some of the Footprints Included in OrCAD Layout Appendix C: Rise and Fall Times for Various...

REFERENCES Capture User's Guide. IPC-2221A. Generic Standard on Printed Board Design. IPC/Association Connecting Electronic Industries, Northbrook, IL, May, 2003. Ott, Henry W. Noise Reduction...

Component Package Types and Mounting (SMD) IPC-7351, Section 8.0, pp. 44 70. IPC-D-330, Section 5. (see also Land Patterns) Component Placement, Spacing, and Orientation General considerations...