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1. What is IEEE 1451?

IEEE 1451 is a set of standards that were established to address smart sensor systems and to develop a comprehensive set of sensor and software protocols. It was hoped that the standard would pave the way for seamless connection of many parts of smart sensors and associated hardware and software.

2. What is IEEE 1451.2?

The first of these standards was IEEE 1451.2. The standard was designed to gain a standard way to specify the device operation and calibration, a standard physical interface between the sensor and the communications device, and the ability to use standardized off-the-shelf components to build smart sensors. IEEE 1451.2 had considerable challenges that ultimately led to virtually no adoption of it in practical applications.

3. What is IEEE 1451.4?

IEEE 1451.4 directs its attention to only the TEDS part of the sensor and signal conditioning system. IEEE 1451.4 adopts a valuable approach by taking a much more simple approach to other smart sensor concepts by simply focusing on the self-identification aspects of a sensor. IEEE 1451.4 does this by specifying a table of self-identifying parameters that are stored in the sensor in the form of a TEDS (Transducer Electronic Datasheet).

4. What is P1451.4?

The IEEE 1451.4 committee have only published a draft specification. All indications are that the standard will change slightly before it is published in its final format. National Instruments and its sensor partners have decided not to wait for the final version and are suggesting that...

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Magnetic sensor chips are semiconductor devices that detect physical quantities using magnetic principles.
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Electrical power sensors are used to measure electric power.
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