From Strategic Sports Event Management: An International Approach

Strategic process

In terms of the event planning process sponsorship canbe an important factor in ensuring that the event is feasible and so consideration of potentialsponsors can begin as early as stage 2, the creation of the concept. For many events the lack ofsponsors is the one factor that leads to the decision to not go ahead and so the earlyidentification of sponsors and indeed early contracted agreement with sponsors can be critical.

There are a number of stages in the development of an event sponsorship programme. Havingidentified the events objectives and possibly set optimum revenue targets it can become clear thatsponsorship is an effective tool for the achievement of those objectives. What follows is asituational analysis. This provides an audit of the event assets that can be used effectively indelivering the communications requirements of sponsors. Having identified these assets they can bebundled together to form packages that can then be sold off-the-shelf to interested sponsors. Thebundling up of corporate hospitality, programme advertising and use of logo flash opportunities hasbeen much utilized in the past. Whilst this has been the common practice in the industry it is nota customer-focused approach in that it is selling what the event wants to sell and not necessarilywhat the sponsor wants to buy, sometimes referred to as marketing myopia (Levitt, 1960). This iswhere it is important to use research to produce more effective sponsorships that can develop overtime. The key for event managers is that they recognize that sponsorship is a mutual relationshipand that...

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Topics of Interest

Ambushing The increasingly used technique of ambushing is a relatively new phenomenon in the sportsevents industry but is being used to great effect. It is the exploitation of an association with...

Learning objectives After studying this chapter, you should be ableto: understand the importance of the role that sponsorship plays in the sports events industry. identify the objectives that...

Sponsorship as a promotional tool Sponsorship can be a very effective tool, if used properly and as part of an integrated plan of action. It really is one of the tools that benefits most from being...

Questions What key market forces are currently affecting the achievement of successfulsponsorships? How might the following events structure their sponsorship programmes? Evaluate all theoptions...

A historical perspective Sports sponsorship continues to experience growth. On a global scale the market was worth$30.7 billion in 2002 showing a year-on-year increase of 10 per cent and in 2003 it...

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