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"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success." Thomas Edison

Innovation is a hot topic. There are innovation Weblogs, books published by the hundreds each year, countless articles in business journals, and a separate section of BusinessWeek Online devoted solely to innovation.

What makes innovation the focus of so much attention? Most executives feel at a gut level that innovation somehow connects integrally with their companies' ability to excel in a chosen market and that selecting the most innovative products for their portfolios will bring success. Yet some companies encourage innovation so vigorously that they find themselves in the technology-in-search-of-a-customer quagmire: creating bell-and-whistle technologies without discerning whether the technologies solve a problem. They push innovation, but can't answer the question What is innovation? or the follow-up, What does it have to do with success?

What makes an idea a moment of cognition in a human being's mind worth pursuing as an innovation? Many senior executives will tell you they suffer no shortage of ideas. (Tom Luin, business transformation architect at IBM, told us: "Facetiously, I'll say, We've got too many ideas. And then I'll come back and I'll say, not facetiously, very emphatically, We have too many ideas. ") What companies often lack is the ability to tell which ideas will become profitable new enterprises. An idea, even a fantastic, completely original, earth-shatteringly brilliant one, becomes a candidate for innovation only when it becomes an attractive opportunity that is,...

Products & Services
Career Management and Placement Services
Career management, development and placement services include consultants, businesses, organizations and employment agencies that provide information and resources related to employment and career direction.
Research and Development Services
Research and development services perform original investigation to gain new knowledge (research) and/or apply research findings to create or improve products and processes (development).
Trade Journal Publishers
Trade journal publishers provide scholarly publications from professional organizations and trade associations. Generally, these technical publications report the latest research and development (R&D) in a discipline such as mechanical, electrical, or biomechanical engineering.
Filtration System and Filter Repair Services
Filtration system and filter repair services inspect, refurbish, repair, and clean filtration systems, tramp oil separators, centrifuges, coolant recycling units, coalescers, lubricant recovery systems, wash water clarifiers, and filtration components. This work ensures filtration systems meet a minimum contamination standard.
Analytical Reports
Analytical reports provide authoritative research information and insight on a specific issue, problem, industry, country, technology, product, material, or process in order to identify opportunities, handle disasters and avoid financial losses.

Topics of Interest

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Chapter written by M lissa SAADOUN and Lin YANNING. 5.1. Introduction A successful innovation usually has little to do with the originality of the idea behind it. What it does depend on, and...

Innovation is more than generating novel ideas and products. It is about creating good, profitably producible, highly marketable products, and doing so on a consistent basis. That's the innovation...

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