From Leading in High Growth Asia: Managing Relationships for Teamwork and Change

Vipin Gupta
The Wharton School
Robert J. House
The Wharton School

New Challenges for Leading in a Global World

People of the Asia Pacific, indeed, in all regions, live in an increasingly interconnected world. There has been an explosion of cross-border trade, investments, migrations, travel, and communications since the end of the Cold War and the growth of Internet over the last decade. The leading firms in many industrial and emerging markets now boast of strategic relationships with investors, factories, employees, entrepreneurs, suppliers, and customers of multiple nationalities. Many more firms, investors, factories, employees, entrepreneurs, suppliers, and customers, around the world are seeking to benefit from the forces of globalization. The culture of the societies is an important factor guiding the entry, organization, and growth of the organizations. Further, differences in the cultures of the societies play an important role in foreign direct investments and in the global network of the multinational corporations. A systematic and in-depth understanding of the societal cultures is essential for the effectiveness of national, as well as international, organizational initiatives.

Cultures represent systematic approaches, heuristics, and solutions to threats, problems, and challenges faced universally. Each society develops its own set of practices and values to address issues, such as the relationship of individuals to with groups, distribution of power and resources among members of groups, and choice of priorities among different goals. As the firms in each society interact with the global environment, they must find ways to balance and integrate diverse cultural approaches...

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Topics of Interest

Strategic Significance of Cultural Dimensions Performance Orientation The performance orientation dimension reflects the extent to which a society encourages and rewards improved performance,...

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