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The commissioning process is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria. ASHRAE Guideline 0, The Commissioning Process, contains the fundamental objectives of commissioning and provides limited guidance on conducting the process. The Owner's Project Requirements (OPRs) are the foundation for both the commissioning process and for defining the objectives and criteria that will guide the project delivery team. Commissioning is not only an accepted part of good project delivery but an essential, and in some cases required, part of green building design and construction. ASHRAE Guideline 1, The HVAC Commissioning Process (latest approved version), should be followed as minimum practice. The US Green Building Council's LEED manual also provides commissioning guidance. There is also a brief section on commissioning in Chapter 5, "The Design Process The Early Stages," of this Guide that specifically addresses commissioning activities in design.

An important part of green design is verification that the goals defined by the owner and integrated by the design and construction team are actually achieved as intended, from the first day of occupancy. This verification involves all stakeholders, from designers to construction contractors to operating staff to occupants. Commissioning is not an exercise in blame; it is, rather, a collaborative effort to identify and reduce potential design, construction, and operational problems by resolving them early in the process at the least cost to everyone.

The 1993 National Conference on Building Commissioning provided the definition: "

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