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In some CAD packages, symbols and files are closely related; thus, we look at both in this chapter. For example, a symbol external to AutoCAD is simply a drawing file. In this chapter, you learn how to:

  • Set up file names and folders for your drawings.

  • Create standards for symbols.

Drawings must be given file names that allow you to identify them by project and discipline. Folders (subdirectories) are also used to segregate projects.

The file name of a drawing is closely related to the sheet number. If you decide to use a CAD drawing to produce a single plotted sheet, then the drawing's file name is the same as the sheet number. If, however, a CAD drawing produces several different plotted sheets (either via toggling the visibility of layers, or via referenced drawings) which is how CAD ought to be used then the sheet number must differ from the drawing file name.

Here are several examples of drawing file name conventions:


The simplest file name convention is based on the project number. If necessary, it can be further refined by discipline, and so on. For example, a drawing with the name 60591A01.DWG has the following meaning:


Project number


Discipline (A = architectural)


Drawing number


The AutoCAD file extension

Digits and letters are alternated to help distinguish the parts of the file name.

In the next example, the file name A-P-06915-B.DGN uses dashes to separate the parts of...

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