From Eaches or Pieces Order Fulfillment, Design, and Operations Handbook

Design of Receiving and Shipping Docks

Your small-item, flatwear, or GOH order-fulfillment operation starts at your receiving docks and ends at your shipping docks. Your receiving and shipping dock areas should be designed to ensure a cost-effective, efficient, smooth, and continuous movement of UOPs through the order-fulfillment operation. A receiving activity ensures the vendor delivery matches your company's purchase order and that there is a UOP moved from the dock area to the storage area. A shipping activity ensures flow of CO ordered, picked, packed, and manifested packages from your process area into a CO delivery vehicle. Cost-effective and efficient receiving and shipping dock activities require a vendor UOP delivery or CO vehicle spotted at the correct dock and at the appropriate time. An additional dock incremental cost is a small investment when compared with the order-fulfillment operational costs that are associated with the increase of an in-house transport concept cost, low employee productivity, poor vendor-delivered piece flow, late customer order (CO) delivery, or inability to unload or load critical vendor delivered pieces (UOP) on-time.

Several parameters and operational factors assure an accurate and on-time UOP and CO delivery truck movement within your truck yard. Elements of a cost-effective and efficient unloading activity of a vendor UOP delivery truck and loading activity of a CO delivery truck are:

  • Accurately projecting the number of vendor UOP and CO delivery trucks and associated unloading and loading times

  • Good design of the receiving and shipping UOP and CO dock staging areas

  • Easy vendor...

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Products & Services
Pallet Jacks
Pallet jacks or pallet trucks are used to short-haul pallets or other large items of freight. A piston raises the load enough for the operator to maneuver the cargo; these devices may be derive power from manual, electric, or petrol sources. There are many further varieties.
Stretch Wrappers
Stretch wrappers are machines that are used to wrap plastic foil around a pallet load.
Fieldbus Products
Fieldbus products are industrial automation products used in industrial network communications on factory floors.
Material Handling Manipulators
Industrial manipulators are used to move and position materials, products, parts, and tools. Commonly used attachments include hooks, magnets, electromagnets, core grips, suction cups, pneumatic clamps and vacuum pads.
Audio Switch Matrices
Audio switch matrices are electronic switching instruments for interfacing audio signals in scanning, recording and analysis systems.

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