From Engineering Chemistry



Define the term pH.


What is the effect of temperature on pH?


What is the possible pH of pure water at 65 C?


What is the effect of dilution on pH of an acidic solution?


What is the pOH of pure water at 25 C?


What chemicals would you use to make a buffer of pH (i) 5, (ii) 10?


Name electrodes that are usually employed to measure pH of a solution. Which one is most suitable?


What is a combined electrode? What is the mechanism of its working?


Name the indicator that you use in pH titration.


What is the desirable pH range for drinking water?


Who suggested the term pH value?


What are calomel and glass electrodes?


Define emf of a cell.


Why is the hydrogen electrode not used in pH measurements?


How is the equivalence point determined in acid-base titrations?


Which buffer solutions are used in standardization of pH meter?


What type of curve is obtained in the experiment?


What is the pH of pure water?


Why is standardization of pH meter done before taking pH readings?


What is the inflexion point?


What is the significance of pH determination?



pH value of a solution is defined as the negative power of which [H +

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