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Calculate the per-phase inductive reactance per mile (1600 m) for a three-phase line at 377 rad/s. The conductors are aluminum conductors, steel-reinforced (ACSR) Redwing (Table 9.2) arranged in a plane as shown in Fig. 9.4.

Table 9.2: Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced(ACSR)

Figure 9.4: A plane-spaced transmission line.

Calculation Procedure

1. Calculate

From Table 9.2, GMR=0.0373 ft (0.01 m). Substituting in the equation for per-phase inductance, we find =(2 10 7)ln(3.6 7.2 3.6) 1/3/0.01=12.2 10 7 H/m.

2. Calculate Inductive Reactance, X L

X L=377 12.2 10 ?7 H/m 1600 m=0.74 ?/mi.

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