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Determine the normal and shear stresses in the seam of the shaft passing through point A, as shown in Figure P10.1 The seam is at an angle of 60 to the axis of a solid shaft of 2-in diameter.

Figure P10.1


A 4-in-diameter solid circular steel shaft is loaded as shown in Figure P10.2. Determine the shear stress and the normal stress on a plane passing through point E. Point E is on the surface of the shaft.

Figure P10.2

In Problems 10.3 through 10.5, a solid shaft of 75-mm diameter is loaded as shown in Figure P10.3. The strain gage is 20 to the axis of the shaft and the shaft material has a modulus of elasticity E = 250 GPa and a Poisson ratio v=0.3.


If T=20 kN-m and P = 50 kN, what strain will the strain gage show?

Figure P10.3


If the strain gage shows a reading of ?450 ?/m and T = 10 kN, determine the axial load P.


If the strain gage shows a reading of ?300 ?m/m and P = 55kN, determine the applied torque T.

In Problems 10.6 and 10.7, a solid shaft of 2-in diameter is loaded as shown in Figure P10.6 The shaft material has a modulus of elasticity E = 30,000 ksi and a Poisson ratio v = 0.3.


Determine the strains the gages would show if P =...

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