From Solving Tribology Problems in Rotating Machines

2.1 A General Review

This chapter deals with the functional performance of roller bearings on a roller-bearing test rig for the acceptance of bearings in routine application in different products. The salient features of bearing test philosophy and analysis of test data collected on the tested bearings pertaining to temperature rise, vibration, shock pulse and kurtosis analysis under identical operating parameters in different stages of operation are bought out. The investigations reveal that under light and medium operating parameters the performance of identical bearings of different makes are in general within acceptable limits. However, under higher stipulated operating parameters, the behaviour and functional performance of identical bearings of different makes differ from each other, both in life expectancy and general performance characteristics.

2.2 Introduction

Demands on the reliable performance of various components, in particular rolling-element bearings, have increased considerably. High reliability and successful functioning of the bearings are prerequisites if complex machines and equipments are to operate satisfactorily. That is why newly designed and developed bearings are subjected to extensive testing to ensure maximum operational reliability in service.1

When planning reliability tests, the minimum laboratory test duration has to simulate as far as possible the actual service conditions. It is unwise to shorten the test duration by using an unrealistically high load, as this can incur the risk of the results being false. Also, under increased load, the shaft deflection will be larger, which will result in additional forces acting on the bearing, and may cause premature bearing failure.


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