From Successful Marketing Communications: A Practical Guide to Planning and Implementation

Sponsorship as a promotional tool

Sponsorship can be a very effective tool, if used properly and as part of an integrated plan of action. It really is one of the tools that benefits most from being used in conjunction with others. In this unit we will concentrate on two main types of sponsorship:

  1. programme sponsorship, as dealt with by the Independent Television Commission (ITC) and by the Radio Authority (RA);

  2. sport/art/other event sponsorship.

Programme sponsorship

The ITC is responsible for overseeing the sponsorship of television programmes, and the Radio Authority mirrors this function for radio transmissions. It is vital that this type of sponsorship is tightly controlled.


The ITC Code has two key principles.

  1. To ensure that programmes are not distorted for commercial purposes. A sponsor must not influence the content or scheduling of a programme in such a way as to affect the editorial independence and responsibility of the broadcaster.

  2. To maintain a distinction between advertising and sponsor credits. This is to ensure that credits are not used to extend the time allowed for advertising.


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