Access Doors

Alstom's new line of fabricated boiler access and observation doors is designed and fabricated for easy installation (both new and retrofit applications) and to allow personnel and equipment to enter and exit safely, easily and efficiently. (read more)


Alstom OEM parts and services keep your tangential-fired boiler operating at peak performance. Alstom supplies (1) Coal piping, (2) Distributors & riffle elements, (3) Coal nozzles and nozzle tips, (4) discharge valves, (5) rebuild services, (6) material upgrades, (7) related products. (read more)

Grinding Mills and Pulverizers

Alstom Family of Pulverizers

The designation of the pulverizer provides information pertaining to the pulverizer configuration, physical size of the bowl and the type of operating system. "RB" "RS" "RPS" "RP" and "HP" make up ALSTOM's family of custom made pulverizers (read more)

Alstom manufactures custom pulverizers to match your specifications. (read more)

Alstom manufactures parts and services for B&W EL mills to match your specifications, including EL64, EL70, EL76 pulverizers. (read more)

Alstom provides the quality and resources of an OEM while backing our products with comprehensive support. Our products and services are designed to help our customers meet the performance, availability and reliability requirements for their ATRITA® mills. (read more)


Alstom offers a full complement of NFPA compliant Class 1,2 and 3; and 3 special ignitors for all types of utility and industrial boilers. The Alstom ignitor system portfolio will support complete systems and typically require auxiliary equipment such as an ignitor assembly, a control cabinet, and a valve train. Alstom can provide these and other equipment to meet customer requirements. (read more)

Solids Feeders

Alstom continues to design and develop Coal Feeder products that will meet the changing needs of our customers.These upgrades provide:

longer wear life

reduce maintenance costs

eliminate a number of mechanical problems

improve overall reliability and availability (read more)

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