Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms

Where a preconfigured or modular design does not meet your specific requirement, Conviron will design a solution specific to your application. The process for such customized solutions starts with a very clear understanding of the objectives and the translation of those objectives into an engineering design specification and drawings. This is accomplished through a very close collaborati... (read more)

Plant Growth Chambers

Regardless of the size of a growth chamber or style of a room, Conviron will work with clients to design an LED lighting system that meets the spectrum requirements and fits the configuration of the controlled environment.

As a primary distributor for Valoya Oy of Finland, we offer continuous wide spectrum LEDs that have been developed specifically for plant growth. We also collab... (read more)

While Conviron offers an extensive range of standard products and configurable options, we recognize that this portfolio may not always provide an appropriate solution for a researcher's particular needs. Where a standard design does not adequately address a client's requirements, Conviron will develop a custom solution. Designs are carefully assessed to ensure they connect seamlessly an... (read more)