Compression Springs

Custom designed to meet demands of mass transit & heavy duty vehicles, these hot coiled variable rate springs have variable diameter wire. Ideal for commerical transportation, agricultural, construction, and military vehicles MWI's Hot Coil Helical Suspension Springs offer lower weight, smaller size and increasing variable rate suspension from softer to stronger as payl... (read more)

Surgical staples to catheter guide wires, hemostatic ligating clips to battery springs.... Economy Spring Division of MW Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision wire forms, metal stampings, coil springs, torsion springs, and product assemblies that are utilized throughout the medical and pharmaceutical industries. (read more)

With over 100,000 spring and fastener designs and 14 production facilities, MW Industries offers unparalelled deployment of custom solutions across industries as diverse as aerospace to agricultural and medical equipment to display fixtures. We've built our business on delivering the best - the most technologically innovative, useful, and durable products in the marketplace. (read more)

Constant Force Springs

Often used in retail & Point of Purchase applications constant force springs provide a smooth and efficient force. Variable force springs are recommended for applications where a stronger force is initially required. (read more)

Extension Springs

Challenge: Develop compact, lightweight springs that can remain loaded for their lifecycle and still retain rate and deflection if/when they are called upon. In the rare event an airplane completely loses power, a Ram Air Turbine is a small windmill designed to deploy from the hull of the aircraft and extract power from the airflow around the aircraft (read more)

From Jet Engines to Landing Gear, MW Industries crafts components to the demanding requirements of commercial/military aviation projects. Fasteners, Fourslide Forming, Springs, SEMS, Wireforms, Washers & more. With MWI you benefit from engineering excellence, advanced production technologies, quality to ISO, QS, TS & AS-9100 & industry performance standards PLUS... (read more)

Retaining Rings and Snap Rings

Diameters up to 40". MWI divisions utilize both coiling and stamping processes to manufacture rings. Our in-house wire shape rolling & ring grinding capabilities provide close tolerance rings while minimizing raw material lead-time. Our proprietary shot peening process for light rings improves the fatigue life of or rings many times over,prolonging product life without costly... (read more)

Spring Washers

Custom designed & manufactured in standard steel and exotic materials in ODs from 0.236" to 14.094", Belleville washers, disc springs and curved disc springs, serrated springs and slotted disc springs and wave washers - MADE IN THE USA (read more)

Designed to maintain load tension in light bolted assemblies, where a constant load is required, Rolex AI Series Springs are typically manufactured from High Carbon or Alloy steel; AISI C1075 or 6150 material. Disc springs exert a uniform pressure that remains constant despite tension losses caused by thermal expansion, contraction, compression set or wear of parts. (read more)

Torsion Springs

Offering shortened lead times, reduced costs,and improved repeatability/throughput our ooging pursuit of efficiency provides you quality and value in springs; wire-formed parts; four-slide parts; and small metal stampings (read more)


Rumco Fastener's threaded assemblies are combinations of fasteners with clips, washers or other components to improve your assembly process. We offer custom design, manufacture and services including: heat-treating, plating, and coating with the fastest turnaround in the industry. Classic MW performance, specializing in two and three-piece SEMS and fastener products (read more)

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