Custom Products


Stephen Gould Corporation

Stephen Gould Corporation offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Carrying Cases and Equipment Cases

Stephen Gould’s packaging expertise provides the most versatile, comprehensive, and technologically advanced solutions for the creations of soft-side sewn and molded cases. As a packaging industry pioneer, we have the years of experience and capabilities to design and produce any type and size case. Often, our solutions result in one-of-a-kind designs that are not available anywher... (read more)

Whether your package specifications require the simplest of designs or the sophistication of a clean room production environment, Stephen Gould can engineer it, design it and conform to all your precise product needs. (read more)

Packaging Containers

Vendor sourcing on a cost-sensitive project… Quality control on a million-unit global rollout… Stephen Gould ensures that your packaging production is done right. (read more)

Stephen Gould’s expertise in package design provides clients with creative and timely solutions to the most challenging design requirements. The company’s capabilities are enhanced by its ongoing investment in a versatile range of machinery and technology that can deliver full-working prototypes and improve production speed, performance, and value. (read more)

Why is Stephen Gould the best choice for filling your packaging needs? Quality assurance. Their time-tested supervisory system ensures that your product packaging will meet consistent quality and color standards from the start of the production process right through to delivery. (read more)


Stephen Gould specializes in exclusive designs that fit only the packaging needs of your product. Give their engineers a packaging riddle and they will solve it and field-test it to your exacting requirements. (read more)

Protective Packaging

Stephen Gould's professional engineers design quality packaging that safeguards much more than your product. Every effort is made to produce environmentally friendly packages that are sensitive to your budget as well. (read more)

Working closely with our clients, Stephen Gould Corporation's design services team develops innovative solutions for the most challenging molded packaging requirements. (read more)

Shipping Containers and Shipping Cases

Stephen Gould Corporation has the capability to handle any quantity. Their production capacity ranges from small runs to trailer-truck loads and more. (read more)

Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets

Stephen Gould Corporation, a packaging industry leader, provides innovative, customized tool kitting solutions for the usage and storage of tools and all kinds of hardgoods and other materials for commercial and military users throughout the world. (read more)

Gould Southern, a subsidiary of the Stephen Gould Corporation, is a global source for custom kitting and packaging materials. Driven by our customers' exacting needs, we create highly customized, cost-effective turnkey solutions that are rooted in lean management concepts and FOD prevention. (read more)

Stephen Gould Corporation manufactures custom tool boxes and tool storage to match your specifications. (read more)