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CAS DataLoggers

dataTaker intelligent data loggers offer unmatched flexibility and ease of use for demanding applications.
Grant Squirrel
Grant Squirrel data loggers known around the world for their performance and reliability.
Simply more Real-Time, ADwin systems provide deterministic data acquisition and control with microsecond precision.
TandD is Japan's #1 manufacturer of data loggers in compact, rugged, wireless and network enabled models.
Lascar provides a family of cost effective, easy to use USB data loggers.
Known world-wide for data acquisition solutions, KineticSystems now offers portable dynamic signal data loggers.
BrainChild Paperless chart recorders provide immediate feedback through a VGA display while recording historical data.
Eltek provides unique data logging/telemetry systems and custom data logging systems for diverse applications.
Acumen Instruments
Acumen compact serial data logger with removable CompactFlash storage.
Delphin Technology Data Acquisition Systems
Delphin Technologies universal data logging systems solve a variety of measurement and control problems in industrial and laboratory applications.
A full range of voltage and current data loggers fully equiped to handle a large variety of recording applications.
AEMC Instruments
AEMC Instruments manufactures professional electrical data loggers for industrial, commercial and utility applications.
Wireless monitoring and alarming systems.