Line Card

3M Abrasives, Electrical, Marine and Tapes.
Henkel Loctite Corporation
Bonding and Light Cure Adhesives, Gasketing, Anaerobic, Mold Release, Porosity Sealing, Potting & Encapsulating (Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Hot Melts & Silicones), Retaining, Surface Preparation Threadlocking and Thread Sealing.
Storage and Organization Solutions
Ansell Occupational Healthcare.
Brady Identification and Safety Solutions.
Calapro, Inc.
Makers of Finger Cots.
Conductive Containers Inc.
ESD Packing Solutions.
Electronic Cleaners.
Swabs and Wipes.
Adhesives for OEM Assembly.
Dupont Disposable Garments.
Dykem Products.
Stains and Inks for Industrial Marking and Other Specialty Industrial Products.
Dynabrade Power Tools
Industrial Tools designed for use with Metals, Wood, Plastics, Glass, Rubber, Stone, Fiberglass and Composites.
Eagle Manufacturing
Industrial Safety Cans, Storage Cabinets, and Hazardous Waste Management Systems.
Excelta Corporation
Precision Hand Tools for the Electronics Industry.
Momentive (formerly GE Silicones)
Components for sealing and bonding.
GEM Industries
Orbital Polishers, Drive Pads and Compounds.
GORE Specialty Products
Intex/Hospeco Products.
Specialty Wiping Materials.
KESTER - Connecting Innovation
A Complete Line of Solder Products.
Kimberly Clark
WYPALL® X, L Wipers and Apparel.
Krylon Industrial
Krylon® Line of Industrial Aerosol and Bulk Paints.
Lindstrom Tools
Hand Tools for Electronics and General Industrial Use.
Personnel Protection.
LPS Laboratories
Electrical Cleaners, Industrial Degreasers, Lubricants/Penetrants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Greases, Tapmatic Cutting Fluids, Hand Towels and Wipes.
Martin Senour Paints
Industrial Coatings and Products.
Precision Systems for the Electronics Bench.
Premium Floor Mats
Tyco Plastics
Protective and Flexible Packaging.
Pelican Lighting and Cases.
Safety Approved Flashlights, Protector Cases, Unique Marine Products, Helmet Light Holders, Holsters, and Accessories.
Personal Industrial Products
Polyken Industrial Tape
State-of-the-Art for All Climates & Environments.
Industrial Fall Protection Systems.
PurSwab Cleaning Applicators
Rayovac Batteries
Alkaline, heavy duty and rechargeable batteries, performance lights and lanterns, Industrial flashlights and lanterns.
Red Steer Glove Company
Superior Hand Protection Ranging from Heavy Industrial to Comfort Lines Providing Added Grip.
Specializing in providing unique, engineered, die-cut solutions to your design, using the latest in 3M technologies to fabricate parts to your specifications.
Simple Green Industrial Cleaners
Non-toxic/biodegradable cleaners, degreasers and deodorizers.
Slide Products
Aerosol Solutions including Lubricants, Cutting Oil, Mold Releases and Rust Prevention Products.
Specialty Silicone Products
Standard and Customer-Specific Elastomers, LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), EMI/RFI (Electrically Conductive) Products and Lubricants.
Chemicals, Coatings and Cleaners.
Start International
Standard and Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispensers.
ACL Staticide
Specialists in Computer Cleaning and Static Control Products..
Electronics Products for Home, Office, Industry and Trades.
Superior Manufacturing
NOTRAX® brand floor matting.
Swift First Aid
Personal and Industrial First Aid Products.
Belts, Gloves and Industrial Safety Equipment.
Western Plastics Packaging
Flexible packaging materials for Industrial Packaging Industries.