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The new AcroExpress™ SBC provides extensive I/O support plus a fully integrated heatsink for advanced cooling management.


Acromag's XCOM-6400 rugged COM Express processor featuring an extra-thick circuit board, advanced thermal management, and extended operating temperature is the ideal high-performance processor for the InfiniSCAN.


Acromag, Inc. announced the formation of a new Contract Manufacturing Division at its Wixom, Michigan facility. The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Division will be led by Acromag’s Business Development Manager, Stacy Z. Moore.


Acromag’s XVME-6700 is a high-performance 6U VME single board computer based on the Intel® Celeron® 2002E processor and utilizes the Intel 8-Series QM87 QM87 PCH chipset for extensive I/O support.


Advances in Rugged, Modular Systems Offer Unprecedented Performance Value and Flexibility. A new product offering that provides unparalleled price-performance and configuration flexibility for rugged avionics systems.


Acromag offers Antaira rugged Ethernet switches and a media converter to complement their remote Ethernet I/O product families. Select from a variety of models with up to 8 ports for copper or fiber cabling on fast Ethernet or Gigabit networks.


Acromag has introduced the ARCX box, a rugged small form factor embedded computer with unique expandable features that include PMC, XMC, mini PCIe, mSATA module slots, optional solid-state drive,front I/O panel, and secondary connectors.


Acromag’s new XMC-7K family of user-configurable Kintex-7 FPGA modules are ideal for Aerospace and COTS applications that demand high-performance customized embedded systems


Acromag’s new 6U VME 4th generation Intel® Core™ single board computer allows users to update their systems rather than a total redesign resulting in reduced costs and saved time.


Acromag’s Agility Config Tool™ for their TT Series of USB-configured transmitters allows easy setup and configuration via a tethered mobile device.


Acromag forms a new “Xembedded Group” to provide uninterrupted service to former Xembedded, LLC customers.


Have you ever wished a transmitter or limit alarm had a little more intelligence so you didn't need to burden your PC, PLC, or DCS with additional signal processing calculations?


In the webcast and white paper, you will learn about the advantages of FPGA modules for embedded computing and I/O signal processing...


VPX (also known as VITA 46) is the next generation of ruggedized compact embedded systems. After years of VME systems dominating the military/aerospace field, users have finally reached the limit of available bandwidth on the VMEbus.


Acromag has promoted Rowland Demko to manage their North American network of sales representative offices and service strategic accounts for their embedded computing product line.


Acromag’s VPX4810 3U VPX carrier cards provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system.