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American Microsemiconductor Incorporated (AMS) has been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard as well as the AS/EN/JISQ9100:2009 Revision “C” standard by ABS Quality Evaluations in Houston, Texas.


American Microsemiconductor Inc. announces a distribution Agreement with ISOCOM Components to supply their full line of opto electronic products. Isocom Components has been a leading manufacturer of infrared optoelectronic devices for over 25 years.


American Microsemiconductor Inc., one of the nation’s largest discrete semiconductor distributor and manufacturer, today announced that it will be expanding warehouse facilities into Pennsylvania.


Electronic components manufacturer and distributor American Microsemiconductor Inc. today announced it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Solid State Inc.


AMS announces most of the inventory will be moved to the new location; at present about 50 % is located there. Shipping and receiving are presently relocating to Pennsylvania. Research and new product development will also be housed there.


AMS (American MicroSemiconductor) now franchised for the full NTE line. Send us your yearly NTE requirements for us to quote Why buy parts from people that carry no stock ?


Madison, NJ, July 22,2007 - Today, American Micro Semiconductor announced that Immediate Delivery is available for the 1N6101 Diode Array. AMS is now delivering 1N6101 in High Reliability Ceramic DIP Package.


Tired of “whiz bang” answers from your present semiconductor supplier- with “all talk - no performance to back up the talk”.


AMS is one of the largest suppliers of Germanium Diodes; popular parts such as...


AMS is Supplying the popular 1N5719 General Purpose Pin Diode, Featuring...


AMS is now supplying a wide variety of transistor arrays. Do you use transistor Arrays? Has your present supplier discontinued or dropped the line?


With over 100 years experience in semiconductors, from transistors and diodes to state of the art processors and memories - American Microsemiconductor is there for you.