Boker's, Inc.

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Boker's now offers additive manufacturing to provide customers with three-dimensional prototypes. Using a Stratasys 3D printer, Boker's creates quick prototyping of custom designs for 3D washer and stamping models.


Boker’s announces its 2017 Stampings Brochure is now available. Serving as a valuable industry resource, the brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s stamping capabilities.


Boker’s, Inc., announces that its 2017 Washers Catalog is now available. This catalog offers detailed information on the company’s more than 31,000 non-standard flat washer tools.


Boker’s is pleased to announce its extensive manufacturing capabilities for metallic and non-metallic disks for spacing and specialized assembly applications.


Boker’s has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to produce custom finishing washers, giving assembly applications a more precise, high-quality look and complete finish.