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CPG recently acquired a new Dynesco Melt Flow Indexer, useful for quantifying flow rates of polymer melts. Melt flow is related to the molecular weight of a polymer, and is often used as a quality check of the polymer.


CPG was issued US Patent 8728379 in May 2014. This patent describes methods of making wear resistance, oxidatively stable polyethylene for orthopedic implants.


CPG researchers recently published a paper on a sensitive technique to quantify Vitamin E in UHMWPE used for orthopedic applications. The article is published in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.


CPG inventors were assigned US patent 8,637,063 for methods of making highly lubricious hydrogels that may be suitable for joint replacement or bearing surfaces.

ASTM AWARD 12/11/2013

CPG researcher Stephen Spiegelberg was the 2012 receipient of the ASTM Leroy Wyman award for engineering contributions to the field of medical device standards.


ASTM Committee F04 elected a new Recording Secretary - Stephen Spiegelberg


Methods for making oxidation resistance polymeric material"patent issued this year


The clincial results of a navigation system invented by Dr. Gavin Braithwaite were presented at the Australian Orthopedic Conference this month.


Australian patent 2010206016 "Methods for making oxidation resistance polymeric material" issued this year.


MIT held its annual MIT Polymer Day in March. Cambridge Polymer Group was a sponsor, and also supplied two judges for the poster contest, where students and post-doctoral research fellows presented their work on polymer technology.


Iconacy Orthopedic Implants received FDA clearance to market their highly crosslinked UHMWPE prepared using the CIMA process developed at Cambridge Polymer Group and the Massachusetts General Hospital.